Rexford R. Hibbs , Co-Founder/ COO


RealtyReturns Co-Founder and CEO Rexford R. Hibbs co-founded San Francisco's 1st Title III equity crowdfunding platform, Rexford wanted to combine his background in real estate and his expertise in equity crowdfunding. He launched RealtyReturns in 2016 with the goal of offering every investor (both accredited and non-accredited) access to quick, low-risk returns in real estate.

Rexford is an investor who comes from a successful real estate and angel investing background, making and managing real estate investments in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and California through his family office.

Before co-founding DreamFunded, Rexford was previously on the real estate investment committee with Marcus & Millichap, working closely with brokers to procure promising investment opportunities. Rexford is a Seattle native with deep ties to the real estate investment networks in Seattle, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, Phoenix and Hawaii.